Thursday, June 06, 2013

The hardest email I've ever sent

Well the shortlisting has been done and the 5 charities that will take part in Charity Hack have been contacted and have accepted their places. Over the next few days I'll start sharing who they are and introducing you to their stories but not tonight.

I've just had to send the hardest email I've ever sent to let the unsuccessful organizations know that we couldn't invite them to Charity Hack.

I will consider it one of the great honors of my career that so many organizations applied to be part of Charity Hack.

They put all of their passions and dreams into their applications. They shared their stories and their challenges. I learned about problems that I never knew existed and of people who are fighting fights that nobody else seems to care about. There are many heroes in this world that will never have bridges named after them but who dedicate their lives to improving this little world of ours.

I would have loved to have so many more of the organizations take part in Charity Hack. There was none that weren't worthy but we could only pick 5. As I said I will take time to talk about the chosen organizations over the next few days but for now I'd like you to spare thought for those that weren't chosen and hope that they continue to work to improve this planet.


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