Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcome to Hacker #5

After another break in announcements (mainly because Chackers seem to be very shy about sending bios!) I'm delighted to announce the 6th member of our team Diamaid O'Sullivan. Bio below but no photo because he's shy

Diarmaid O’Sullivan works in the interface between policy, research, advocacy and lobbying. He has worked in the community development sector with Ballyfermot Partnership and in the disability sector with Rehab Ireland. For the last four years Diarmaid has helped design and run national online and offline advocacy campaigns for Older & Bolder and will soon take up an advocacy and policy position with Oxfam Ireland.

Diarmaid is passionate about fostering people power to positively influence social change. He has a track record in developing effective campaigns that engage grassroots activists, politicians and the media.

Diarmaid is very enthused about being involved with #CharityHack can be found on Twitter as @diarmaidy

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