Sunday, June 09, 2013

Welcome to Hacker #6

We're now in full volunteer Chacker recruitment mode and I'm delighted to welcome one time wannabe physicist, possibly the worlds greatest Angela Lansbury fan and also one of the most talented digi media experts around, Donal Mulligan.

Here's Donal's bio:

Dónal Mulligan is a lecturer in online communications at Dublin City University, where he's also pursuing PhD studies in social media analysis. He's taught web design and development, project management and interactive applications for 5 years, which motivates him to keep a close eye on current and emerging trends.

Dónal has previously worked as a consultant in corporate communications and branding for SMEs, NGOs and multinationals and has experience in designing online communications campaigns and managing web development projects in the voluntary and charity sector. He's been involved in event design and  promotion and is especially interested in how creative and inexpensive video and social media campaigns can bring substantial attention for low cost.

When not teaching or furiously writing a paper the day before a deadline, he enjoys watching a good episode of "Murder, She Wrote". Especially that one where Jessica Fletcher acquits a dog of murder. They just don't make TV like that these days.

and an uber cool photo

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