Sunday, January 05, 2014

Charity Hack 2 Needs Your Help

If you've been following Charity Hack over the last few months you'll know that we're doing our best to help charities to raise more money to continue to do their amazing work.

In order to do this we need help. Charity Hack is 100% voluntary, no charities are charged to take part and all of the awesome hackers donate their time for 12 hours just because they're good people. We have no income but we do have things we need to either pay for or get donated. For the first Charity Hack people were incredibly generous and we managed to get everything sponsored or donated which helped make the day a huge success.

So here we go again:

If you or somebody you know could help by either sponsoring or donating any of the below items we would love to hear from you. Just email

We will scratch out each item as somebody agrees to sponsor it. Thank you for your help

Items we need help with

Venue                        - donated by O'Connell House
Printing of materials  - sponsored by Fundraising Ireland
Markers                     - (a couple of boxes of sharpies)
Countdown clock      - this was a long shot last time but +Colin Whittaker worked some magic so we                                          figure it's worth another shot)
Coffee / tea                - The Charity Hack ship sails on caffeine
Breakfast                    - Thanks to Cafe Sol Dublin
Lunch (food & sodas) - Thanks to Apache Pizza
Dinner (food & sodas) - Thanks to +Damian O'Broin at Ask Direct
Beer/ non alcoholic     - For post hack celebration
Wristbands/ID cards    - some type of branded merchandise to match the awesome t-shirts we had last                                         time
Mugs / papercups / plastic cups  - thanks to +John Nolan 

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