Monday, July 08, 2013

Welcome Hacker #9

I'm delighted to announce that my friend and colleague Matt Lewis will be joining our team of Charity Hackers. Matt brings, along with his experience in fundraising on two continents, a mega positive attitude, the worst Dutch accent you've ever heard and if we're really nice to him so amazing homemade bread.

Here's his bio

I am currently the community fundraiser in the South Leinster region for the Irish Cancer Society, the job is a great challenge and demands a diverse approach. This is the second charity job that I have had, as I was previously a fundraising coordinator for The Cancer Council Victoria (Australia), where I worked solely on a community event called Relay For Life. I have done a range of jobs in various countries. My work and life has always been people orientated and I love to people watch usually over a coffee and some cake.
he also lived in Fiji which I think is random
and what a photo

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