Sunday, July 07, 2013

Charity Hack can help bring colour into some lives

The idea behind Charity Hack was simple, to give a helping hand to some organisations who needed it.

So many charities struggle through every day. Not knowing if there's enough money to keep the lights on or if they'll be able to keep doing the work they know needs to be done.

Often though the biggest hurdle to get over is the feeling that nobody else cares about you or your organization, after all anytime you tell people what you do they say "I've never heard of that!"

It can be soul destroying.

But on the other hand, the amazing people who run these organisations have the most precious commodity of all.


It's the hope that they can make a difference today and tomorrow and maybe even the day after that, that keeps them going.

It's the hope that if they can just get past this tricky patch that things will get easier, that more people will have heard of them and that more help will be arrive.

In a small, tiny way I'm hoping that Charity Hack can provide a sliver of hope to our five chosen organizations. Even if it's just to show that somebody else cares and wants to help.

Rainbows Ireland provides support to 20,000 children a year who have suffered loss through  bereavement or the breakup of a family.

For 25 years their volunteers have been caring for young people at the darkest points in their life.
Laura Ryder @laurajryder has been speaking to Rainbows Ireland about their work.

Read her profile here!rainbows-profile/cyib

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