Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome to Hacker #1

Delighted to announce the first of our Chackers, Simon Scriver. Simon has been helping out with the planning of Charity Hack from the very start and I'm hugely grateful for his advice and support so far. Simon brings a huge amount of experience and talent to Charity Hack.

Here's his bio 

Simon Scriver is Director of Total Fundraising, a service provider to the not-for-profit sector responsible for the recruitment of around 40,000 new regular donors each year. Simon has 7 years experience in fundraising, as well as several years experience in both Sales and Finance, and currently works with some of the biggest and smallest charities throughout the island of Ireland. He has set up a successful Telephone Fundraising department and has worked to open on-line fundraising to the smallest of organisations through the website sponsor.ie. Simon is continually looking at developing new and improving existing avenues of fundraising, helping charities to build their donor base and maximise the potential of their existing donors. Simon can be found on Twitter as @TotalFR.

and a pretty picture

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