Thursday, September 15, 2016

Everyday is Game Day - Summer Hack Series Episode 2



The Elite. The Best of the Best.


Because when it was needed
When it was needed
When time was running out
When they were behind
They Delivered

When it would take something extraordinary - they were extraordinary

When others looked around - they were the ones looking forward.

We love sports and sportspeople because they deliver amazing moments to us. They train for hours, days, years so that when it matters, when it really matters. They are ready.

On Game Day

But the weird thing is

Sport doesn't matter.

Nobody dies when the whistle goes

Nobody gets hurt if the shot is missed

There's always another game


The harsh reality is that for a lot of the world game day is the same as every other day. Another day of suffering, another day of pain, of hunger, of fear, or sickness.

Whether we're trained for it for our whole lives

and most of us haven't.

The charity sector is often the only person on the same team as the underdog, on the same team as the ones falling behind, the ones taking all the hits.

and whether we like it or not

the final shot, the last chance, the moment of moments

might fall to us.

and we can't afford to miss.

We don't know when that moment will come because those moments are every day.

For all our causes.

We're not sporting legends

just regular people

but we must be ready

because if we're not - when those in need look around for help - who will be looking forward?

So we must train hard

we must be ready.

Everyday is game day.


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