Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Charity Hack USA - Sure why not?

There have been 4 Charity Hack events since we started on this little journey. 

We've had 19 charities spend a whole day with us as we pulled and prodded at their organisation with the goal of mining a precious gem of an idea to help them achieve their dreams.

We've had over 50 individual hackers give up their time and donate all their inspiration and talent to causes that they probably never even heard of.

On top of that we've run mini workshops, one to one sessions and basically tried to meddle wherever we thought Charity Hack could get away with meddling. 

It's been a hell of a road so far and we've learnt more than we could ever have dreamed.

We've met people that they are giving up all of their time, sacrificing careers, spending time away from family and are unrelenting in their determination to achieve. 

and they really need help.

What Charity Hack has taught me is that people are willing to help but often they don't know how.

The average person doesn't know what they have to offer to a cause they believe in - beyond a very valuable donation. 

Charity Hack gives the opportunity to put the skills and talents that you've developed as a fundraiser, a marketeer, project manager, brand manager, consultant, accountant etc etc etc to action in real time for an amazing cause that is hungry for help.

So now that we've learnt how to put the Charity Hack philosophy into action and ironed out most of the kinks (we're still fine tuning) we've decided it's time to spread CH out of our comfort zone.

CH 5 will take place somewhere outside Dublin. It could be Cork, Galway, Leitrim, Meath - wherever we can find people willing to partner with us and help us bring Charity Hack we're happy to go. If you'd like to work with us email us at or give us a tweet

CH USA - yup you've read correctly. Why not take the whole thing on tour and bring Charity Hack to the USA. Is that possible?? 

Who knows. 

But we're currently looking at potential cities where we can find friends, hackers, hackees and of course the necessary sponsors to make it all happen. Our goal is for sometime in 2016 let us know if you're up for an adventure.

That's all for now


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Unknown said...

A huge thank you Kevin for CH, I was really impressed with the military precision of the way the day rolled out and the information gathering exercises. The hackers were amazing and really helpful and just kept giving, they were genuinely interested. I would encourage people to sign up for CH16 and USA.

Its good to be able to give something back and really fantastic to get some help from peers who have the experience to give you the confidence to jump off that precipice!

Áine, New Hope