Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Christmas Present From Charity Hack

Ho Ho Ho - Charity Hack Santa is on his way - Have you been a good boy or girl?

It's been a crazy first year for Charity Hack so we decided we wanted to send you all a little Christmas card to say thank you for helping make Charity Hack whatever it has become. Without people willing to apply to be hacked, volunteer to be hackers, sponsor Charity Hack or share and retweet our many, many Tweets there would be no Charity Hack. Thank you.

But then we thought that a Thank You wasn't enough and neither was a Christmas Card so:
As a Christmas present from Charity Hack we are inviting you to a one off seminar entitled "How to Hack your Org".

Yep that's right.

We're going to talk about what Charity Hack is, discuss our thoughts on what mistakes we as charities make with our fundraising and we'll even give you some tips from Charity Hack that could help you make a difference to your organisation.

This Christmas present will be presented at 6pm on the 17th December at the Science Gallery, Trinity College who have generously donated the use of their space for the evening. You should check out their new website here
If you've ever volunteered to be a hacker, applied to be hacked or been a sponsor for Charity Hack this seminar is absolutely free. It's our Christmas gift to you to say thanks for helping Charity Hack get started.
If you've just been an interested observer and haven't joined the Charity Hack family yet you can still come to the seminar. On one condition: You just have to make a €10 Christmas donation online to any charity you like and bring your email receipt as proof on the night. It's just a nice gesture and a way of passing on the good will. Does that seem fair?


Now fill in this form to register your attendance:
We're really looking forward to seeing you on the 17th.


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