Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's the Big Idea?

So what's the Big Idea? What's the future of Charity Hack?

Charity Hack is built on a simple foundation.

There a brilliant people with huge hearts working incredibly hard to solve some of the worlds hardest problems.

Many of these have to struggle to keep their organisations open from one day to the next. They don't have the time to research the latest fundraising tools. They don't have the resources to hire in a consultant or a full fundraising team to raise the money they need. 

But their cause is important.

So what if they could get the help they need?
What if we can give them a helping hand, a clearer focus, a fundraising product that they can manage and that will keep the lights on?

and what if it doesn't matter what city that organisation is in?

What if we could bring Charity Hacks to London, to Oslo, to Ottowa, to Wellington?

because there are small organisations fighting against big odds in every country in the world. They're doing their best and could do even better with a helping hand.

Surely Charity Hacks can't appear everywhere can they?

Who knows?

But let's find out.


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