Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Charity Hack needs help.

As you know Charity Hack is completely voluntary. 

There is no money coming in from anybody to take part and any money that goes out comes from my pocket. 

I'm ok with that, it's my idea so in order to make Charity Hack a success I'm willing to cover some costs but since my wife is expecting our first child in Autumn the less money that goes out of my pocket the better. 

So Simon @totalfundraising had this good idea. Why not make a wish list of everything that Charity Hack might need and see if people want to sponsor or provide it for nothing other than honest gratitude and good karma. 

So here goes: 

If there's something on the list that you might be able to source please just write in the comments below or email me I'll keep adding to this list as I think of things and I'll strike off items as they're covered. If you have anything else you think we might need let me know too.

Thanks in advance:

Oh and if you're not sure what Charity Hack is all about you can read all about it here

What Charity Hack Needs:
  • Rolls of paper from Ikea  Thanks to me :-)
  • T-Shirts for the Hackers and Hackies x 40 (nice to have but not essential)
  • Coffee (we're going to need a lot over 12 hours maybe somebody knowns/owns an indie coffee shop that could do with a shout out) Thanks 3FE 
  • Biscuits Time to take out my baking books
  • Lunch (something hot to keep us going) Thanks +Simon Scriver and Total Fundraising
  • 40 plain white mugs (you'll see why on the day)  Thanks +John Nolan 

  • A Big Countdown Clock  Thanks to Data Display for donating the display and +Colin Whittaker  who's going to write the code for the clock

  • Beer for the after party (if you don't ask...)  Thanks +AJ Leon and the Misfits
  • An artist of illustrator to draw/sketch the scene at Charity Hack Thanks David Byrne 

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