Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Expert Hackers Needed

All the organizations have been selected and are mega excited to take part in Charity Hack. It's going to be an amazing 12 hours of passion, creativity and results.

For the people who will benefit the 10th August will be an historic day.

Our team of hackers is growing but we still might need YOU.

We need you if you are a world class fundraiser who cares about producing the very best fundraising campaigns the world has ever seen.

We need you if can craft the perfect tagline or call to action

We need you if you can't sleep until the design you're working on is perfect.

We need you if you're writing is a hybrid of Stephen Fry, Seamus Heaney and Edgar Allen Poe

We need you if you know what it's like to have The FEAR, that a major project isn't going to work because it's too new, too different and maybe people won't get it

We need you if you care

I mean really care

care until it hurts

care until its right

because good enough is never good enough

If it sounds like you register here



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